What are the pieces in Jafabit? The pieces are stylized after Chess pieces and dice. Pieces are engineered to squeeze perfectly into the player bases so they can easily be marked and moved around the game-board.

All players in the game of Jafabit share the same pool of pieces.

The pieces are as follows:

  • Brown, 4 Sided – Pawn
  • Green, 8 Sided – Knight
  • Red, 8 Sided – Bishop
  • White, 12 Sided- Queen
    • White, 3 Sided – Queen’s Favor
  • Gold, 8 Sided – Castle
    • Gold, 4 Sided – Castle Support

When pieces interact (via combat or special abilities) both pieces are rolled to determine the outcome. This eliminates the need for any separate dice and grants a tiered randomness to the game.

If one piece lands standing up, that player loses the roll (critical miss). If both land standing up? Jafabit!

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