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What is Jafabit?

Jafabit is a modular board-game for 2 or more players that plays on a honeycomb map that you build new every game. A typical game lasts about an hour. The game is reminiscent of Chess and features a resource control and well-balanced luck mechanics where the pieces themselves are actually the dice!

Example Game Setup


What’s all this mean? Endless hours of fun.

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What is a septile? It’s a tile consisting of seven hexagonal tiles of varying heights as seen pictured above.

In the game of Jafabit you move player pieces around on a board that you build using seven (or more) septiles. This modularity allows for countless game-boards to play on.

Each tile within a septile has a color and a height. The colors are:

  • Brown – Representing Farm-lands
  • Green – Representing Forests
  • Gray – Representing Mountains
  • Red – Representing Lava Fields
  • White – Representing Mountain Peaks
  • Blue – Representing Bodies of Water
  • Gold – Representing Gold Mines

There are four unique heights for Jafabit tiles. Tile height grants advantage and disadvantage to player pieces standing on them.

A Jafabit map is built by selecting a center septile and placing six other septiles around it.

A Jafabit 2 map is built with at least three septiles.

There are hundreds of possible combinations. Mixing Jafabit sets results in even more!

Copyright © 2022 Nathan Washor, All rights reserved



What are the pieces in Jafabit? The pieces are stylized after Chess pieces and dice.

Each player has their own color set of chess-dice.

The pieces are as follows:

  • Pawn, 4 Sided – Featured in Brown
  • Knight, 8 Sided -Featured in Green
  • Bishop, 8 Sided – Featured in Red
  • Queen, 12 Sided- Featured in White
  • Castle, 8 Sided – Featured in Gold

When pieces interact (via combat or special abilities) both pieces are rolled to determine the outcome. This eliminates the need for any separate dice and grants a tiered randomness to the game.

If one piece lands standing up, that player loses the roll (critical miss). If both land standing up? Jafabit!

Copyright © 2022 Nathan Washor, All rights reserved