What is a resource? It’s a small cube of a single color that “grows” on a tile of the same color. Resources are harvested by pawns and held in a player’s inventory until spent and then respawned on an empty tile of its same color.

All players share the same pool of resources. Resources are spent by players to summon new pieces onto the game board or claim liberated pieces already on the game board. When a player spends a resource they must place the resource on a tile of the same color that is both unoccupied by a player piece and does not already have a resource on it.

If there are no empty tiles to place the spent resource on, the player must give the resource to another player of their choosing.

Resources come in the following colors:

  • Brown – Representing Food
  • Green – Representing Wood
  • Red – Representing Sulfur
  • Blue – Representing Water
  • Gold – Representing Gold

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